Keep track of your to-do’s right where you need them

Track your tasks in the same place you keep the contacts, emails, and files you need to do them

  • Assign tasks to others or keep them private, so the right people are focused on the right things
  • Connect your tasks to your contacts, emails, and files: when you view your contacts, you’ll see what work you have to do for them
  • Milestones work the way you do: don’t just create one-off tasks; get a view of the entire project

Your agenda, right alongside your inbox

You don’t have to rely on your memory or flagging emails as they scroll by.
We’ll show you what’s next for today, tomorrow, and the rest of the week, right next to your inbox.

Keep all your project to-do’s in one place with milestones

Some tasks are one-offs, but many are part of bigger projects on initiatives. Group these tasks in milestones, which you can share with as many colleagues as you’d like.

And of course, you can still assign individual due dates to tasks, and they’ll show up in your agenda or with the contacts, files, and emails they’re associated with.

Drill down when you need to know more

Click on any task to edit or see more information, for times when
there’s essential context you don’t want to forget.