Don’t just change how you work, change how your team works together

There’s no need to forward important documents or attach emails to your CRM—share and discuss right in Carom

  • Share everything across company mailboxes or individual contacts, files, and threads from your email
  • Get instant notifications when someone shares something important or needs you in the conversation

Sharing important data couldn’t be easier

Share mailboxes so you can keep track of essential conversations, whether they’re 5 minutes or 5 years old.

Or, share individual contacts, files, and threads from your own mailbox with the teammates who need to know.

Share anything, without forgetting where it came from

Carom provides clear indicators of what’s yours, what you’ve shared
with others, and what others have shared with you.

Stay notified of what’s going on

We’ll notify you instantly when your colleagues share contacts, files, or threads, add comments, or assign you tasks or milestones. Pin important notifications to your daily agenda so they don’t just pass you by.

Share, talk, strategize, and discuss with your colleagues

Comment on shared files, threads, and contacts.
No need to clutter your inboxes with side conversations, and nothing lost to history.