Receive, triage, track, and send email—right alongside your contacts and files

There’s no need to send emails into your CRM or to switch over to Gmail: everything’s in one place

  • Your priority inbox lets you view emails by importance, keeping your focus where it should be
  • For every thread, see files and contacts alongside the messages you send and receive
  • Powerful tools make you more productive; for example, snooze any email for later, or set a reminder if you don’t hear back

A full email client, inside your full CRM

We don’t just help you get data out of your mailbox—we let you send any messages you want, right from Carom. We’ll auto-suggest contacts as you type from across all of the mailboxes you have access to.

And of course, we’ll help with the follow-up as well. Set a reminder task if you haven’t heard back: we’ll bring it back to the top of your agenda when the time comes if you’re still waiting to hear, or remove the task altogether if your contact responds.

All of your mailboxes, personal and shared, in one place

Managing multiple email accounts is tricky. Rather than making you check each mailbox individually, we’ll combine contacts, emails, and files from every mailbox you’d like, or from any one you’d like to focus on.

Best of all, this works with shared mailboxes, not just your own mailboxes. So you can see emails and files exchanged with sales and support while you’re reviewing what’s happening with your contacts.

Separate mailing list clutter from the urgent and important

Most of us find ourselves with too many newsletters and notifications—emails that
don’t require a response but do demand our attention.

Carom uses machine learning to identify mailing lists, separating them from the rest of your contacts and keeping their messages out of your main inbox, while still making them available when you want them.

Tools to keep your inbox empty

Quickly and easily add a task if you need to follow up, snooze if now’s not the right time,
or mark them as resolved once you’ve done all you need to do.

Sort your incoming emails by priority

Don’t let your email volumes overwhelm you. We help by allowing you to sort by priority—our estimate of how likely you are to respond to a message. So when you’re swamped, you can let the unimportant stuff go right on by.