Everyone you’ve ever emailed, organized and in one place

A full-featured CRM system, built automatically from your existing email history—without the data entry, the headaches, and the cost

  • We’ll import everyone you’ve exchanged an email with—and even enrich with outside data
  • No need to comb through your inbox: every contact’s email and file history is on one page
  • You’re not limited to just your contacts; you’ll have an instant address book with contacts from your organization’s shared mailboxes

Your entire interaction history at a glance

Remembering the details of your relationships is hard, and Carom makes it easier.
Quickly get up to speed on what’s happened before, so you can make something happen next.

Every email and every file for every contact: sortable and searchable

While you’re viewing any of your contacts, you can see every email or file you’ve exchanged.
And, of course, you have filters available to help you find what you’re looking for.

Automatically enrich your data with social media, employment, and contact information

Carom reduces tedious data entry. We’ll automatically pull in data for millions of people around the world, based on just an email address. Everything you need to know is at your fingertips.

Don’t just know what you know

Look beyond your slice of the action. We’ll let you know which of your contacts have also spoken with your colleagues and let you see messages and files exchanged with shared mailboxes, like your support and sales channels.

Easy filtering, sorting, and smart lists so you can find just the person you’re looking for

It’s not just about seeing a complete history for the contacts you know. We also make it easy to filter your contacts, so you can find the ones you’ve contacted recently—or not recently enough.