The document manager for people who live in their inboxes

Every file you’ve ever sent or received, catalogued by type, sender, date, and thread

  • Find and organize your files, with powerful filtering across all of your mailboxes
  • Preview common file types—including PDFs, Word documents, and spreadsheets—right in your browser
  • Automatic de-duplication, so you can see one version of the files you send again and again
  • Share any file with your colleauges, so everybody’s working from the same version

Keeping your files in the right context

You need more than a file name: you need to know who sent a document, when, and why. With Carom, every file comes with this context, so it takes just one click to see the email your document came in.

Powerful tools to help you find the files you’re looking for

We’ve all spent too much time looking for a file that you almost know how to find—but you’re not sure exactly who sent it or what the file name was. We help you find what you need more easily than ever. You can even see the files sent by your most important contacts, all in one place.