Straightforward pricing, no matter the size.

Only pay for what you use. No up-front commitment, cancel anytime.

$9/month per additional mailbox

Every mailbox comes with unlimited contacts, emails, and files, with 100 contact enrichments per month included

$5/month per additional user

Users can access any shared mailbox at no additional cost

2.5¢ per enriched contact

Beyond those included with your account

$19 per month

Our baseline plan, including:

Unlimited emails
Unlimited contacts
Unlimited files
Unlimited milestones & tasks
100 enrichments/month

What would Carom cost for me?

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What if…

I want to add users or mailboxes?

You can add and remove users or mailboxes at any time. We’ll prorate any charges, so if you add users or mailboxes during the month, you only pay for the time you use.

I want to add a user without a mailbox?

Feel free. Those users can always access shared mailboxes, like your support queue or sales inbox.

I want to cancel my account?

Cancel easily, right from the app, any time, no questions asked, no need to talk to a human being.

I want a discount for paying annually?

Right now we only offer annual payment for accounts with 50+ users or mailboxes. If that’s you, let’s talk.

I have another question?

Get in touch and we’d be happy to help:

The (slightly) fine(r) print

  • All billing is monthly, at the beginning of the pay period, based on your usage at that point.
  • If you add users or mailboxes during the month, we’ll bill the prorated amount the next month. If you remove users or mailboxes, we’ll apply a credit going forward.
  • Payment only by credit card for most accounts. If you have more than 50 users or mailboxes and would like to pay by ACH transfer, please get in touch.
  • Your monthly fee is made up of four things:
    • A base rate of $19/month
    • A $9 payment for each mailbox after your first
    • A $5 payment for each user after your first
    • A 2.5¢ payment for each contact enrichment after (100 x your mailbox count) each month