Turn customer data into insights and actions

CRM built for modern businesses. Your one-stop customer hub.

Data-Driven Insights

  • Lead value and likelihood projections
  • Financial data and customer metrics
  • Powerful searching and reporting
  • User-scoped lead and deal data

High-Priority Actions

  • Accelerate leads through your sales funnel
  • Assign and track essential tasks
  • Attach email conversations to records
  • Schedule meetings with key contacts
Carom is launching soon. Sign up for early access and we’ll let you know when we do.

Everything about your contacts, all in one place.

Active dealings

show you open leads and active deals at a glance.

Tags and custom fields

help you keep track of any data points you need.

Third-party integrations

bring your external data to your contact profiles.

Tasks and assignments

show you who needs to do what.

Meetings and calendars

record your past and future conversations.

Email integration

adds your correspondence—and your team’s.

Record histories

chronicle changes to your records over tiem.

Integrate with popular services: Stripe, MailChimp, Help Scout, and more. Instant access to your data.

Follow Leads & Deals

Focus on winning business. Carom lets you see where leads are in your pipeline and lets you track revenue and ongoing deals after closing.

Instant, Actionable Analytics

Reporting that drives your business. See outstanding leads, expected revenue, customer lifetime values, recurring revenue, and more.

Never Lose a Contact

A full relationship history, at your fingertips. Keep track of past leads and deals, notes, contact, and everything else you need.

Track Tasks & Events

Never forget what’s next. With tasks and calendar events, you always know the next step to close a lead or please a client.

Carom is launching soon. We can’t wait to share it with you.

We built Carom for ourselves when we saw we needed a better way to keep track of our current and potential customers.

Today’s online businesses and startups have lots of great tools: Stripe for payment processing, MailChimp for email management, Help Scout for support, and so on. What they don’t have is a way to bring those tools together: to track their relationships with customers and prospects.

CRM (customer relationship management) has been around for years—but it’s geared toward big businesses with seven-figure IT budgets. It’s bulky, hard-to-use, and expensive.

Carom is the opposite: simple, designed for small business, and affordable. We integrate with the services you already use, so you can have your data in Carom in seconds.