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Introducing Carom Analytics for Stripe.

Carom Analytics gives you easy access to important Stripe metrics. Just link your Stripe account and see the metrics you’re missing. Free up to $25,000 in monthly revenue.

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Metrics that Matter

Monthly Revenue Time Series
Customer Lifetime Value
Churn Rate
Recurring Revenue
Product Breakdown

One-Click Integration

No data to import, no settings to configure. Just connect your Stripe account and we’ll do the rest.

Always Up-to-Date

When you connect your Stripe account, we’ll import all your existing data. But we’ll also automatically import Stripe data in real time, so you’re always up to date.

See Delinquent Customers

Make sure you don’t leave any money on the table. Carom Analytics provides a list of delinquent customers so you can get paid what you’re owed.

Completely Free

For companies under $25,000 in monthly revenue, we’ll never charge you a dime: all your data, no usage limits, unlimited access.

Larger companies, get in touch.