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Stripe helps online business process payments and manage recurring subscriptions.

Integrate with Stripe payments

Our Stripe integration allows you to import and analyze your Stripe charges as Carom deals and transactions. We’ll also import your customers so you can connect their Stripe histories with your CRM data.


Stripe is our favorite way to accept credit card payments for online and mobile services. With this integration, we’ll keep your Carom organizations and deals in sync with your Stripe transactions.

With our Stripe integration, you can have a full dashboard of actionable financial metrics—customer lifetime value, churn rates, recurring revenue, and so on. We’re focused on metrics that can drive your business, not just the top-line numbers.

As with all of our integrations, data imported from Stripe is fully searchable. So you can find your top ongoing deals, deals that have expired or are expiring soon, deals added this month, and more.


We can automatically integrate with Stripe and import your customers and transaction history. You’ll need a Stripe adiministrator account. If you have organizations tied to one Stripe login, make sure you choose the right one to integrate with.

Associated Record Types

Stripe connects with the following types of Carom records: