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Why We're Building a New CRM Platform

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Today’s businesses have more and better tools than ever before to run all aspects of their companies.

Stripe is great for recurring billing and subscription management—a vast improvement, in every way, over PayPal and traditional merchant accounts.

MailChimp and Campaign Monitor are great, easy-to-use tools for managing mailing list subscribers and sending email blasts.

Help Scout and Desk help support teams triage and track incoming requests much more effectively than the most common alternative, an email inbox.

Mixpanel and KISSmetrics give businesses an incredible amount of insight into customer behavior so you can see what’s working in your applications and what isn’t.

Filling the gap: a customer-centric hub

We use many of these tools to run Camelot, our product for helping political campaigns and non-profits understand their constituents and conduct outreach.

But what’s missing from our setup is a good way to connect disjointed customer data. If a customer cancels her subscription in Stripe, we need to check our support system to see what problems she might have had. If we want to see how our prospective customers are faring, we need to read through a bunch of old emails.

So we investigated a number of CRM (customer relationship management) tools, but none of them did what we need. Many are too enterprise-focused—designed to sell big support contracts over rounds of golf, not for the end user. Others are too sales-oriented, and they stop being useful once we bring a new client on board. Most have integrations that are too superficial to be valuable, so we still find ourselves searching for data across a number of different platforms.

What we really want is a hub for understanding and helping our current and future customers.

And since we didn’t find one, we’ve decided to build it.

Keep following this blog to learn more about Carom as we’re building it. We’ll aim to provide valuable information about business, development, and Carom itself.