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Carom Analytics: Free, Instant Stripe Dashboard

Carom is launching soon.
Be first in line when we do.

Today we’re very excited to announce a new, free analytics tool: Carom Analytics for Stripe.

We’re in beta now while we make sure Analytics works for every possible Stripe setup. To join the beta or be notified when we launch, just provide your email address and we’ll invite to join Carom Analytics as soon as possible.

In one click, we’ll take your raw Stripe data and turn it into a beautiful dashboard that highlights the metrics your business’s health depends on. Here’s a sample, or you can view a working demo:

Metrics that matter

We built Analytics for Stripe to give ourselves and other Stripe users access to the metrics that drive their businesses.

That means going beyond “vanity metrics” like customer counts and revenue to date and looking at the data that determine whether your company thrives. It’s not about showing you your data, it’s about enabling you to improve your business.

Carom Analytics includes, among other metrics:

  • Monthly revenue per customer, so you can tell when your customers’ purchasing behavior changes.
  • Churn rates that help you improve your customer retention.
  • Customer lifetime values that tell you how much a given customer is likely to be worth over the course of your relationship.
  • New and cancelled accounts so you can quickly identify what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Plan-specific breakdowns that let you drill down and see which products are propping you up and which might be holding you back.

We provide all of these out of the box. You just connect your Stripe account, and we’ll calculate everything you need.

And as long as you choose to use Carom Analytics, we’ll keep your data updated when you add and lose customers and bring in new revenue.

Laying the groundwork for Carom

We’ve extracted Analytics from our upcoming CRM product, which integrates with Stripe and other popular services to help you understand and work with your current and prospective customers.

When we launch Carom CRM, Analytics will be able to access all of their Stripe data through the CRM. That means, in addition to overall metrics, you can create meetings and to-dos tied to specific customers, record email conversations, track leads, and much more.

We don’t ever plan to charge for Analytics for small businesses, but soon you’ll have the option of turning your analytics dashboard into a powerful CRM in one click.

For companies with more than $25,000 in monthly revenue, get in touch and we’ll work with you on pricing that works for us both.